Trends Transforming The Gambling and Casino Industry in 2020

Gambling and Casino Industry in 2020

Over the course of a technologically advanced era, trends are everything and the more we start following the trends, the more we’re entitled to get hooked to the recent advancements in technology. The same follows with the gambling industry as well. The commencement of the use of cryptocurrency the last year was a breakthrough for the online casino industry. In this article, let’s find out the recent trends that are shaping the gambling and online casino industry in 2020.

Domination of crypto technology

The use of crypto currencies safeguards the players’ information online and allows them to gamble anonymously. As far as it has worked in the favor of the fellow gamblers, it is now subjected to working against the countries and their laws which ban the contribution to the real casinos in the area. The anonymity provided by these technologies is helping online casinos thrive in places where construction of real casinos was banned.

For instance, countries like Taiwan implement stringent gambling rules and ban the construction of casinos. Such countries are seeking rapid growth in the online casinos.

Change in consumer habits

Change in consumer habits

The use of mobile phones, smart phones and gadgets has increased rapidly in the last five years, which has introduced the manufacturing of better F2P games. They’re basically designed for entertainment and to increase the brand trust and value. This can help online gambling websites and other gaming applications, gain consumer trust in the long run.

Most times, customers are also willing to pay small amounts of money to purchase special features or unlock bonuses and jackpots. This is another reason, the entertainment, and the casino industry is gaining rapid popularity

VR Based gaming

VR is another nifty invention that has paved its way through the casino experience. As more and more companies are willing to invest in the utilization of such modern technologies in their game base and game play, so are the customers who are on the edge to receive such perks.

One of the best example for this drastic shift is the company called Net Entertainment that are all set to release their most popular version of Benstalk slot machine using the VR technology.

In addition to VR, preparations are being made to implement AR — Augmented Reality that enhances the user experience and also is used by a few games around the world.

Up gradation in slot machines

Up gradation in slot machines

Slot machines are the favorite casino games for a few of them. However, as the trends are shifting, so is the idea of gambling, and the consumer requests and priorities. People are now willing to invest in games based on skill, rather than pure luck. This has forced the game investors to concentrate on some skill elements in the game. Hence, slot machines are undergoing up gradation to elements that induce skills and requires players to use their brains. Multiplayer games are also another important change that is going to hit the slot machine and other luck-based game differently.

Trends Transforming The Gambling and Casino Industry in 2020

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