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The Best Google Chrome Gambling Games for 2020

The Best Google Chrome Gambling Games for 2020

Online gambling games and sites have taken over the internet, and we know for a good reason. Especially in times like the spread of the pandemic, the entire world sat at home for almost half a year, in the fear of either catching or spreading the virus. Hence, during such times, people found new ways of entertaining themselves. One of them is by playing online games — especially the online gambling games that even helped people make more money during these difficult times.

This drastic shift in the hunt for the best online Google chrome gambling games, has reshuffled the entire database of games available on the Internet. In this article, we’re going to discuss the best genre of online gambling game available on Google Chrome in 2020.


There exist various types of slots and slot machine games. Although the games cannot be scrutinized based on their gameplay and other features, slots in general gained a lot of popularity in 2020, mainly because they do not require skills for novice, or one-time players. All they need is lady luck buy their side to make some extra cash.

While some online gambling websites allowed the gameplay for free, where people actually won real money, some of them demanded a small registration deposit. However, people still enjoy the game online despite the charges.

Roulette Game


Despite being the oldest game in the casino, roulette is still under the popular list of games found on the internet. This is probably because the game is based on pure luck, rather than the skillet or other strategies. Hence, it is one of the best time-pass after slots, for people struggling out of boredom.

Many gambling websites on Google chrome offered all three different versions of roulette — American, European and French on the same platform and it is nothing less than a treat to the gambling lovers. That said, despite being popular as the ‘luck-based’ game, it is still considered as skill-based game, only subtly when you apply the sly strategies of the game.


Although it is a table game, which is interesting only when played at a real casino table it is rather a misconception. All thanks to the technological advancements that have introduced the use of technologies like VR etc. The introduction of the live dealer platforms is nothing less than a mere entertainment.

However, not all online casino gambling sites on the internet provide the privilege of VR based Blackjack, but most of them are getting there.

Video Poker

Video Poker

Last but not the least, on our list is the video poker that is extremely famous on many of the online gambling sites on Google Chrome. Poker and video poker is like no identical twins- they are similar but not the same. Both the games follow a different strategy. While one is based on luck, the other is based on pure skill.

The Best Google Chrome Gambling Games for 2020

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