fewer tabs =

more tabs =

What is this?

It’s a Tamagotchi-inspired chrome extension designed to help you declutter your browser and eliminate tab anxiety.

Why did you create this?

It's really easy for your tab count to get out of control, so we created a friend to help you keep your focus while you work.

How does this work?

The fewer tabs you have open, the happier and healthier your "Tabagotchi" will be! For every tab you have open, your Tabagotchi loses 4 HP, making it angrier and sicker.

How do I evolve my Tabagotchi?

For every hour you spend with 5 or less tabs open, you'll fill one block in the evolution progress meter. Do this ten times, and you'll evolve your Tabagotchi!

Who’s behind this?

We’re Breather, a network of private, professional meeting rooms designed for work, meetings and to focus. We have over 400 spaces across 10 global markets including: New York, London, LA and San Francisco.

We’re all about helping people find their focus so they can do their best work.